Georgia Loses 40,000+ Voter Registration Applications From Black & Latino People


Check Out Deidra Trotter's Beautiful Guitar Playing: JUST MESSING AROUND: PRETTY CHORDS [2014] JAM SESSION

Her name is Deidra Trotter and she is from somewhere down south. Lazy research on my part I know. Although for those of us born in Michigan like, nearly everywhere south of the northern state line of Ohio is 'down South'. I first was made aware of her on Google Plus of all places, and I'm darn glad to share her music here with you. She has a wonderful tone and innate sense of profound phrasing all her own. Oh yeah, if you like her playing let her know! And find out where she's from willya? ����

Deidra Trotter's YouTube Channel


Dissed- a lightbulb martin poem + lyrics 2 Tung & Gruv song from yesterday

Lightbulb Martin
Lightbulb Martin
Jul 19      

A List. 
The Gist of which 
U Missed. 
On a Tryst. 
While we Kissed 
You fled Bliss 
And for This 
I am Pissed. 


Tung & Gruv- The Gist of Which U Missed (final cut)

A new Tung & Gruv song??? Hail Hail Mr. Bassano!! you will be enticed by this song enjoy it!